Learning Spanish from The Hateful Eight’s “Bob The Mexican”

It’s no secret that learning bad words in another language is WAY MORE fun than actually learning proper usage. It just kind of comes more naturally, ¿apoco no? That’s also kind of why we started our Mexi-Vocabulario series a while back. We need to pick that series back up… speaking of that. Pero anyway, the point is according to folks from the movie The Hateful Eight, even the stellar cast of this film couldn’t resist learning a few choice words en español… courtesy of Mexican actor Demián Bichir.

He plays the character “Bob The Mexican” in the movie.

The cast picked up a whole bunch more words than the ones below, but these kind of give you a good idea of the fun that was had behind the making of The Hateful Eight. What’s your go-to palabra mala en español?   

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