William Levy & Pepsi Next Giveaway

pepsi next william levy giveaway juanofwords

What’s the point of getting nice things if you can’t share them?  So remember the other day I told you about Pepsi Next and their new spokesman – the one and only Mr. William Levy?  Yes, that William Levy.  The telenovela star, the JLO music video star, the Dancing With The Stars contestant, and probably most memorable for many of you… the uh, Cuban heartthrob that’s been taking your breath away for years now.  Well anyway, as part of their campaign together Pepsi Next and William Levy have come up with a kind of new twist to an old game.

Twister.  Think of it as “William Levy Twister” or “Spin The Wheel on The William.”  Pos actually the real name of the game is Wheel of Levy, but the point is the folks at Pepsi Next sent it to me yesterday.  Anjelica was quite giddy with the packaging for most of the evening.  Still, she’s making the sacrifice and we’ve decided we want one of you to have it!

That’s right.  We’re giving it away!  If you want a chance at winning this William Levy prize pack leave a comment on this blog post before Monday, May 20, 2013.  I will announce the winner next week and send you the game in the mail.  Best of luck Levy fans!



pepsi next william levy giveaway juanofwords

4 thoughts on “William Levy & Pepsi Next Giveaway

  1. Does William Levy come with the prize? If so, I will walk all the way to Houston or wherever you are in Texas to pick up the prize!! If he isn’t, I’d want it and then give it to Angelica. My nephew already thinks I’m a perv because I like the soccer players which I could be their grandmother!!!

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