¿Qué Onda With The Funny Rims?

que onda with spinning rims juanofwords
Picture by classicimpalas.

So y’all know I don’t know much about lowriders and rims, spinners, spokes, etc.  My brother did have an Impala back in the day that well, pretty much qualified as a lowrider.  Although in those days we kind of stopped seeing eye to eye and I had purposely decided not to ride in the Impala with him and all his friends.  I instead preferred the comfort of the big old yellow school bus that would pick me up and drop me off at home from high school every day.  

¿Qué les puedo decir?  I was socially awkward even back then.

The last couple of weeks though I’ve been noticing that there are more and more cars – not necessarily only lowriders – driving around with hubcap spinners on their rims that look to be at least 12 inches protruded from the actual rim.  They look kind of funny and have really started to bother me really.  The main reason: because I want to know WHAT IS THE PURPOSE of them?  Why do they have to protrude so far away from the rim?  And most importantly, what would possess someone to want hubcap spinners that are so protruded?

Every time I see them I imagine them getting too close next to the car driving beside them and giving them a flat tire.  Pa mi gusto como que están hideous.

I’ve tried my best to find a decent picture of these spinners, but so far I just haven’t been successful.  On this post I opted for a more generic lowrider picture.

Bueno pues keep an eye out for these spinning hubcaps in a barrio near you and send me a pic if you happen to snap one.  I’ll try to remember to do the same when I see these things again.

Until then, just say no to protruded spinning hubcaps!  ¡Por favor!

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