Weekend Photos & a Giveaway

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In every marriage there are differences. En serio, don’t let anyone tell you different. That just made me think of the television show Hasta en las Mejores Familias that used to come out on Univision a couple of years ago. It was produced in Mexico and exported stateside right around the time when Montel Williams, Jerry Springer and Laura Bozzo were small screen superstars. You know, the style of show where anything went and the crazier the outlandish accusations the better the ratings. Con decirles that one of the show’s regular hosts was Carmen Salinas. That should tell you everything.

Anywho, even in this little familia we have our diferencias. I like certain things. Anjelica likes other things. Every once in a while they happen to be the same, pero en a lot of cases we’re like polar opposites. In a good way I would say.

So one of those things that she really loves are museums. Specifically art museums.

Now my perspective on art exhibits in general is pretty simple. I walk in, I navigate the room, glancing at everything around me, and then almost immediately moving on to the next room or exhibit. At this pace, en un ratito I’ve seen everything and I am ready to leave. In some cases, if something really catches my eye, I might stick around and stare at it for a good minute or two and then move on, but even then it’s not enough to give Anjelica enough time to really appreciate an exhibit the way she wants. This used to be a point of contention. Me rushing her, her getting frustrated, and neither one of us really enjoying the experience.

But after a decade or so hasta el más terco aprende algo, jajaja. I’ve learned to not be so pushy and I can now say I even enjoy visiting art exhibits with Anjelica. What makes it enjoyable for me is watching her enjoy herself. I think I’ve even developed an appreciation for taking my time too.

Well, kind of.

So this weekend we visited the Houston Museum of Fine Arts of Houston and it was pretty fun.

Weekend Photos & a Giveaway
This was my favorite work of art at the museum this visit. Only wish I would have written down the name of the piece and the artist.
Weekend Photos & a Giveaway
I’m guessing Anjelica liked this piece since she asked me to snap a picture of it. It is pretty nice.
Weekend Photos & a Giveaway
My picture face is always the same, kind of like a deer in the headlights, lol.
Weekend Photos & a Giveaway
Oh, and this isn’t museum related. This is one of the Loteria jewelry pieces Anjelica finished this weekend. We are giving several pieces away so follow the instructions below.


If you like the Loteria ring above, visit one of the two links provided below and leave us a comment there to enter. We will be giving away several rings and earrings like this with a Loteria theme at random by the end of the week.



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