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Mexi-Style with Anjelica (@la_anjel)
What’s the new thing, the new big color?  I have no idea.  I like to believe I follow at least some of the latest trends, but it is just too much all at the same time.  By the time I’m finally digging the new color blocking trend everyone else has already moved on to the floral explosion.

I don’t like to take myself too seriously.  My style of crafts, arts and attire has always been eccentric.  I use to HATE that word: eccentric.  I didn’t get it.  I didn’t understand how my own awkwardness could be described by that particular word.

Let me explain.  What can I say about my art and style as a young girl?  I didn’t own a pair of gangster Nike’s in fourth grade – yes that’s what they are/were called.  Instead I adorned my feet in some very unpopular bright orange British Knights.  I vividly recall walking with my head down, not because I was embarrassed, but because I liked watching my bright shoes move one in front of the other.  The color would just make me so happy!  Today, I embrace my eccentric, ever-changing style in my arts and attire.  So that’s what I’m sharing today: colors that make me happy right now.  Some are on the latest trend list.  Others are not, and I’m okay with that.

These colors are in no particular order either.  Let’s begin with the color rose gold.  It’s just so pretty (warning: I may use the word pretty A LOT).  I remember in high school, girls that had just turned 15 would wear their new jewelry, and usually it was a gold chain with a gold medallion or gold ring, with a rose gold Virgin Mary in the middle.  Then, there is the color blue.  Not just any blue – bright cobalt blue!  It’s a very flattering color.  What can I say?  I am really enjoying neon colors at the moment!  Not so much wearing them as incorporating them into my crafts and accessories.  Also on my list, white.  Yes, white!  When in doubt I like to wear white.  It provides a very clean canvas that can be built on.

These are just a few of the neons in my collection right now:

mexi style color blocking juanofwords
For my crafts, cobalt blue and neon pink acrylic paint.
mexi style color blocking juanofwords
I painted these wooden Hello Kitty shapes in neon pink.  It felt appropriate.  The bottom half is some of my wrapping paper in popular prints.
mexi style color blocking juanofwords
Neon yellow clutch. White Tee.  Cobalt blue dress. 

Gold and Silver will always be popular colors for me.  As neutral colors, they go very well with just about any attire.  In my crafts, gold and silver usually become the main focus.  When I am stuck in a rut with a color combining craft project, gold accents usually do the trick.

The color pearl is also used a lot in my crafts.  When I want a color or object that I’m working with to catch more light I will give it a pearled finish.

mexi style color blocking juanofwords
Silver acrylic paint.
mexi style color blocking juanofwords
Gold glitter, a Gold leaf (love that stuff), and yellow-gold earrings.
mexi style color blocking juanofwords
Metallic pearl, white paint. 

Also on my list are “oh-so-pretty” coral colors.  Like my bright orange shoes, coral colors just make me smile.  Now if we’re talking neutrals and nudes, black has been my favorite color, off and on, for as long as I can remember.  Dare I mention my obsession for black high heels?!

Finally, nude colors.  Nude colored nails make for very happy hands!

mexi style color blocking juanofwords
Nail polish! Black, nude, an opaque dull nude, and light blue (the light blues is so easy on the eyes).  My only problem is that I have a hard time keeping nail polish on my nails for very long.
mexi style color blocking juanofwords
Coral vintage dress with ombré skirt. 

Here’s some more Mexi-Style with Anjelica.

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