Mexi-Living: Decorative Ideas For The Mexican Home

So we haven’t done one of these in a while.  Today, I was thinking of all the cool decorative things we used to buy in Mexico… you know when nobody really thought it was dangerous to cross the border and all.  Now, it feels like that was ages ago!  *sigh*  But rather than get upset about the way things were, why not bring a little piece of Mexico home.  That’s what we’ve always done anyway.  For years I was a huge collector of even the ugliest artesanias.  Somehow though when we moved in together all of them seemed to slowly disappear, one by one??  Hmmm… anyway, I’d say this small collection of pictures is definitely the beginning of something new.

I want my house to look like this!

mexican living mexistyle juan of words
Mexican-inspired Patio as originally pinned by Sarah Linnell

Let’s start with the patio.  I really like the doors in this picture.  It looks like they were repurposed for this home, and the blue trimming around the green – I like!

mexican living mexistyle juan of words
Mexican-inspired living room as originally pinned by Kristen Gaines.

Not sure if it’s the chairs or the walls, but this living room feels very Mexican even though it doesn’t scream Mexican.  Does that make any sense?

Papel picado bedding as originally pinned by Elmarie Giles.

How cool is this?  Sure the kids would get it dirty in no time, but for the picture it looks awesome.  Very creative!  Sorry about the grainy pic.  It was the best one I could find.

mexican living mexistyle juan of words
Mexican-inspired restroom as originally pinned by Dana Svoboda.

So this is restroom number one.  I know.  It’s a little too bright even for my taste – and I like loud colors – but the sink in the picture looks very nice.  I’d keep that, jaja!

mexican living mexistyle juan of words
Another Mexican-inspired restroom by Sezen Camkiran.

And this is restroom number two!  Is my taste getting more sophisticated o qué?  LOL!  I really like this restroom.  The tile is incredible!  And who doesn’t want a big ass window next to their bathtub to give their vecinos something to talk about?!

mexican living mexistyle juan of words
Papel picado table mats as originally pinned by Hep Jamieson.

These are cool too.  Papel picado place mats.  Can you tell I like papel picado?

mexican living mexistyle juan of words
Decorative fruits and veggies as originally pinned by Theresa Biacsi.

What Mexican home would be complete without fake fruit?!  We grew up with it, and I’ll admit, some of it looked so real I almost bit into my fair share of wax and rubber fruit over the years!  You can use it to decorate any part of your home you want.

mexican living mexistyle juan of words
Mexican Hammock as originally pinned by Lori Eldridge.

Finally, the maca – the hammock!  Essential for resting and relaxing after eating a big old meal of Mexican food… or just for hanging out on a lazy Saturday morning.  I can see myself laying right there right now.  Ahh….

I hope you like these ideas and that they’ll inspire you to bring a little part of your home away from home, home!

7 thoughts on “Mexi-Living: Decorative Ideas For The Mexican Home

  1. I’m going to send you a picture of my son asleep in our hammock that came from Mexico. It’s all kinda colors and we have it in the FRONT yard LOL.

  2. I love the colors, patterns and textures. I think the doors in the first photo would even be cool to do inside between two rooms. I would really LOVE a hammock like that one!

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