Hometown Getaways: Brenham, Texas

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Hometown Getaways: Brenham, Texas

The allure of being able to get away is something Anjelica and I both really appreciate. There’s just something soothing about knowing you can hop into your car any time you choose and drive away into the sunset. Or in our case, into the next nearest Texas town – far away from it all, but not too far we can’t get back pretty quickly if we’re needed. Right now, that’s as far as we’re willing to venture away.

It’s actually been a few months since our last long haul road trip across the states, so these little trips really help to keep our sense of adventure inspired.

On this trip we decided to head up to Brenham, Texas for the day. The last time we were here was for a tour of the Blue Bell Ice Cream factory, back when they still used to take you into the factory to see how they make all those delicious flavors. My favorite is still hands down the Rocky Road. Nowadays, unfortunately, the company no longer allows behind the scenes tours and visitors have to settle for sampling various flavors at the company’s headquarters. That’s definitely still a treat if you ask me.

Since we hadn’t previously planned to drive out to Brenham, this time we’re staying away from the Blue Bell factory. Instead, we’re stopping by the historic downtown area to observe the annual Scarecrow Festival Anjelica had read about online. Only we’re a little behind schedule and by the time we get there the festivities are pretty much over. The scarecrows, though, are adorning every other corner, greeting us with a new, quirky surprise at every turn. I think it’s more fun to explore them this way any way.

Hometown Getaways: Brenham, Texas

We’re in the new Mazda CX-5 for this trip so getting around is a real breeze. The sporty body of the vehicle and its great grip on the road makes us almost not want to get out of the car as we tour the downtown area in our car first. By this time though we are hungry and we spot a nice little country kitchen on the side of the road. Its southern charm is contagious and the country fried chicken steak me and Edgar devour leave little room for dessert afterwards.

Hometown Getaways: Brenham, Texas

I paired mine with veggies and a Moscow Mule.

Of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without capturing a few of our favorite moments en familia just enjoying this nice little quaint town together. It’s about an hour away from Houston on the freeway. You know, like me and Edgar horsing around, the rooster I just had to take a picture with, and the super model poses Anjelica is working for the camera.

It was a good day.

And a great reminder of why the open road is always a welcome invitation to something new and different for us!

Hometown Getaways: Brenham, Texas Hometown Getaways: Brenham, Texas Hometown Getaways: Brenham, Texas

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