Kudos to Lifetime for Picking Up Eva Longoria’s ‘Devious Maids’

lifetime picks up devious maids eva longoria
The stars of 'Devious Maids'.

For a brief moment it seemed nobody was going to be able to watch Eva Longoria’s Devious MaidsAfter ABC opted not to pick up the show, which the Desperate Housewives star had co-produced with her Desperate Housewives producer Marc Cherry, it appeared that might have been the end of the line for the somewhat controversial program.  Well, as it so happens, the cable network Lifetime decided the show was at least good enough for a one season trial run.  They’ve picked up 13 episodes of Devious Maids and are planning to air it in early 2013.

Now despite all of the flack Longoria has received for producing a show in which Latinas star as housemaids of all roles, I’m still kind of excited to see a pilot episode.  Why?!  Because this time it sounds like the story is going to be told from the perspective of “the help” rather than that of her employers.  If I’m not mistaken, it’s supposed to be more of a comedy… based on the Mexican telenovela Ellas son la Alegria del HogarI also think Eva’s defense of her series is pretty bad ass:

When we get any sort of backlash like that-‘Oh, they’re just playing the stereotypical maids’ – my immediate response is, ‘So you’re telling me those stories aren’t worth telling.  That those people are lesser than.  That their stories aren’t worth exploring.  That they have no complexity in their life because they’re a maid?’

The Longoria produced project will star Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty), Roselyn Sanchez (Without a Trace), Dania Ramirez (Heroes), and Judy Reyes (Scrubs), as well as apparently Susan Lucci.

Kudos Lifetime!  For at least giving this show a chance.  It definitely sounds a lot more compelling than Rob!

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  1. Ellas son la alegría del hogar when first broadcasted in Mexico was described as Desperate Housekeepers by Eugenio Derbez the producer of the show (and also and actor of it) So that’s exactly what it is a Dramedy with a murder mistery but most of the show it was the mistery who had the spotlight.

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