La Reina Del Sur Nominated for Best Telenovela in the World

¡YUPI!  I’m very excited by this news that just came out this week!  My favorite telenovela in recent times, La Reina Del Sur has just been nominated as the best international telenovela in the world!  You know I am completely de acordión with this nod and will be rooting for the Kate Del Castillo hit all of the way.  The nomination was received on behalf of the seventh annual Television Festival of Monte Carlo, which each year selects international programming with the highest ratings across an estimated 3 billion viewer audience in 65 different countries for their prestigious nominations.  That definitely deserves an ¡Ajua!     

reina del sur best novela in the world
Is La Reina Del Sur La Reina of all Telenovelas?

If you’ll recall, La Reina Del Sur was touted as Telemundo‘s most costly original program in history.  They spent well over $10 million in producing the mega hit before it went on to win critical acclaim and audiences across the world.  At one point there were rumors that it was going to be aired across 100 different countries.  La Reina Del Sur also propelled its protagonist, Kate Del Castillo into super stardom.

Por algo dicen ‘lo que vale cuesta.’  Congrats Telemundo on the nomination, and especially for having the foresight to produce such a different kind of telenovela!

The Television Festival of Monte Carlo awards will be presented on June 14, 2012.  We’ll have to wait until then to see if La Reina Del Sur is actually La Reina of all Telenovelas, at least for 2011.

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