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William Levy: The Great Divide!

Stud or Dud?

Apparently, unannounced to most of us in the male sex, there is quite a Great Divide taking place right this very second among women everywhere!  It’s not about any moral, ethical, political, or social issues.  Instead, about a Cuban-born Spanish-language television actor who surfaced into the world of entertainment not too long ago.  Just a few years back really.

His name:  William Levy.  And the Great Divide, well at least for the women who know who this guy is, revolves around the issue of whether or not he is HOT!

Last night, while channel surfing, after Modern Family was over (I love Sofia Vergara on this show), I decided to leave it on the last few minutes of Univision’s new telenovela, Triunfo del Amor, which of course stars Levy…and let me just say, the entire last 10 minutes of this show was of nothing more than the blond-haired buff actor running around shirtless to a porn-like music track.  I know because every time I’d look up from my phone to see if they had moved on to the next scene he was STILL running around half naked. He didn’t even utter one word, at all!  Pretty comical.  But, I guess the script didn’t require any dialogue.  RIGHT!?

Anyways, the funniest part was that a few minutes later I found the following wall post on one of my wife’s social media websites.  It made me laugh to myself because she was extremely quiet and still while William was having his little running-on-the-beach-half-naked-without-uttering-a-word moment.  I didn’t even know she had a crush on him!  Or that the rest of the women in my life were partaking in the Great William Levy Divide Of The 21st Century!

This was almost as funny as when my mom burst out in the middle of our living room that she had a crush on Bill Clinton – ¡esta bien bonito Clinton!

Here is the back and forth that cracked me up:

Love hate thing for William levy. Attractive and extremely eye catching. But of course when opens his mouth its something else. So-so acting and bad interviews.

A1: I just don’t like him at all, don’t even think he’s attractive, but the novela is pretty good, lol

A2: He might not be attractive but he sure is FINE!!!! lol J/K

A3: What is wrong with you guys he is fineee! and super attractive!! Lovely voice too!!

A4: Head too small for the steroids body

Ladies out there, what’s your take?

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