Well there you have it. Who said anything about inspiration.

I like riding around in my car by myself listening to stuff. It used to be podcasts. Magazine style online radio shows either about politics, food, or culture. Sometimes all three of these topics in one single episode. Those were fun. Then I moved on to Audible books for a very brief moment. I couldn’t find enough books that actually sounded good to me being read by another person.

Right now I’m all about listening to YouTube videos.

They can’t be too distracting or loud because that makes it too hard for me to focus on the road. Some of the usuals jabbering away on my phone are Philip DeFranco, Amy Landino, Casey Neistat and Marie Forleo. This morning, I was listening to one of Marie’s latest videos when the person she was interviewing said this: (I’m paraphrasing here so bear with me) “Inspiration is a myth.”

She went on to explain that had she only decided to write whenever she was feeling inspired throughout her career as an author, she would only actually have one min-book published today as opposed to nine full-fledged books on everything from memoirs to novels.

¡U chingao! Well there it is! Y yo aquí ¿esperando qué?

Que me caiga la inspiración del cielo.

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