Bubble gum machine

Bubble gum machine replica

As seen on Instagram… (I am not a big Pinterest person).

My goal on this project was to see if I could recreate a cute bubble gum machine.

The supplies I used were:

– Fish bowl
– Re cotta planter and dish
– Acrylic paint
– Paint brushes
– Glue with a strong bond
– Wooden beads

The process was super quick and easy. First, I painted the planter and planter dish. Then I glued the wooden beads to the planter and dish. Finally, I assembled and glued the bottom of the dish bowl to the bottom of the planter.

Other than that, I just bought candy and filled up the bubble gum machine.

This craft was very easy and fun. The finished project is perfect for a party.

Bubble gum machine replica

Bubble gum machine replica

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