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You may or may not know, Instagram is one of my favorite social media networks. Of all of the different platforms out there for us to express ourselves, IG is just more visually appealing. For me, it’s been the place where I share what I’m making, buying, admiring, or whatever. It’s just a lot of fun.

And for this time of the year, I was inspired to share some of the holiday crafts I’ll be working on throughout the month of December. My goal is to make very simple DIY crafts as close to everyday as possible. If you’re interested, you should follow along on my profile. It would be cool to see some of your crafts too if you’re so inspired.

Tag me @la_anjel if you want to share what you’ve made. And just for kicks, here are a couple of the crafts I’ve shared so far. See you on IG!

#DIY #crafting #craft #20daysofcrafting #LetsGetCrafty #howto #holidaycrafts

A video posted by Anjelica (@la_anjel) on

#howto #holidaycrafts #DIY #craft #crafting #20daysofcrafting #LetsGetCrafty

A video posted by Anjelica (@la_anjel) on

#LetsGetCrafty #20daysofcrafting #20holidaycrafts #howto #diy #crafting #latina #craft #latinacrafts

A video posted by Anjelica (@la_anjel) on

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  1. Brilliant post, Kait. I think maybe the fact that self-published authors need to spend more time on the stories rather than market is perhaps to balance out the fact that under traditional publishing, there’d be a team of editor/copyeditor/agent/etc helping with the writing bit, but self-published authors, unless they outsource, are on their own for all of that.

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