Celebrating mamá with a family favorite this Mother’s Day

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with The National Hispanic Milk Life Campaign and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own. This Mother’s Day we are feeling a bit nostalgic. Our moms have given us so much and spent so much time taking care of us that […]

Because My Mexican Mother Said So: Ballet Folklórico Is Beautiful!

So this weekend we got to see the Leyenda Dance Company perform in Houston for Cinco de Mayo.  It was really quite a treat because the whole thing felt more like a production instead of just an expression of culture in dance.  There were high kicks and body movements reminiscent […]

Because My Mexican Mother Said So: When You Eat, You Eat Everything On Your Plate!

And well, what else can I say?  We NEVER disappoint.  This was just yesterday at my mother’s house.   We weren’t really celebrating anything.  We were just having dinner. Our meals are never meals. There more like feasts on a regular basis. Hey, somebody’s got to eat all of that […]

Because My Mexican Mother Said So: This Is How You Make Mole!

Certain things just make you undeniably Mexican.  Mexican as in bien mexicanote where you couldn’t be anything else if your life depended on it.  Watching my jefita make her famous mole from scratch is right on top of that list.  It inspired me really… to share my own experience as […]

The Motherly Wisdom and Humor of Doña Lucha

Do you know Doña Lucha?  I didn’t until just a couple of days ago.  First, I came across a couple of meme images of her online, then yesterday one of the Pequeños Gigantes from Univision’s hit show piqued my curiosity when she channeled the Mexican character in one of her skits.  I had to see more. […]

Oh Mother: A Mother of a Mother’s Day Dedication

Madre no hay más que una.  Definitely! If you’re fortunate enough to have grown up with a mother like mine, who has always been willing to give every single ounce of herself for her children, even now, you’ll appreciate this very special Mother’s Day dedication.  It started with a partnership […]

Mother’s Day Giveaway: Roses and a Cell Phone for your Má

It’s definitely no secret that my mother holds a very special place in my life and my heart.  She always has and always will.  Cómo dirían algunos, I guess you could say I’m a big old momma’s boy at heart, LOL!  So, of course, when Cricket Wireless approached me about a […]

The Story of How My Mother Hot-Wired Our Car!

The pain is still unforgettable today.  The rest of the details – nevermind how hilarious – until this weekend, at least for me, were pretty much forgotten.  Now if you’ve ever had an ingrown toenail so severe it made you hobble over to the doctor for an outpatient foot operation […]