Because My Mexican Mother Said So: Ballet Folklórico Is Beautiful!

because my mexican mother said so ballet folklorico is beautiful juanofwords

So this weekend we got to see the Leyenda Dance Company perform in Houston for Cinco de Mayo.  It was really quite a treat because the whole thing felt more like a production instead of just an expression of culture in dance.  There were high kicks and body movements reminiscent of ballet.  And even more impressive there were humourous story lines built into the plot.  It was all really beautiful.  Which reminded me again why I’m such a huge fan of this style of dance.

They were so memorable I thought you all should meet them too.  Here’s one of their performances I found online:

One thought on “Because My Mexican Mother Said So: Ballet Folklórico Is Beautiful!

  1. Thank you Juan!
    I feel deeply happy you loved the show. We do remember the audience, we heard them laugh when we did the comedy parts and we loved the interaction. It feels great to our team, after flying to texas, practicing for 12 hours and running the show that people felt warm and proud about mexican culture. I just posted your blog link to one of our facebook profiles. Hope you find us in FB and keep in touch with us. Blessing to you and your family.
    Leyenda Dance Company Founder

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