Welcome to TE-XAS!

Welcome to TE-XAS!
Taco gear by Texas’s own Taco Creative

The thing I know about being Tejano is that we Texans like doing things a certain way. We can spot each other from a mile away, and when we happen to come across one another outside of the Lone Star State it’s always a big reason to celebrate. Like “hey, you’re from the great country… err, I mean state of Texas too!”

We’re loud. We’re proud. And yes, why not? Sometimes we’re little obnoxious too… but for good reasons. Ask any Texan you know and they’ll surely agree.

Texans still believe in saying “yes sir” and “yes ma’am.”

We’re okay with being seen as different. We know we are and that’s a good thing.

We like our wide open spaces and consider driving from Texas city to Texas city a day trip, no matter the distance.

Everything is relatively close in our view.

We can two step or dubstep as good as anyone.

We claim our talent and propel them to super stardom. Think Selena and Beyoncé.

We truly understand the expression “we didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us.”

And we pretty much always love to serve up a heaping helping of southern hospitality to everyone.

It really is true. Texas does feel like home.

Now go ahead and tell us what you think.

Of course, we do know plenty of other places share a lot of these qualities as well, but hey, we have to express our Tejano pride in some way!

What is your perception of Texas and its people?

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