Let’s be honest. The truth is closer than you think.

A lot of times the things that make us who we are have been there all along. 

We tend to spend so much time trying to discover ourselves, or trying to define who we are. But often it is the case that when you achieve that pivotal moment where you understand who you truly are, you realize that deep inside you knew it all along. 

We are constantly in search of ourselves, and we seldomly ask ourselves this question: Do I really need to look that far? 

I say this because I ran into these pictures the other day and it made me understand something about myself. 

Let’s be honest. The truth is closer than you think.

I have always been that kid, hungry to discover what else is out there, refusing to accept that some things just are not meant for me. 

It’s no epiphany. 

It’s just my truth.

It is what I have known.

It is what the circumstances in my life have pushed me to, and what I have decided to embrace for myself until now. 

Nothing more. Nothing less. 

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