Takeaways from Voto Latino’s 2016 Power Summit

So really lots to be said about Voto Latino’s 2016 Power Summit which we were just at this past week. I’ll start with the young people (mostly Latino college students) who were there to learn, but who also had a great deal to teach us all. I was so inspired by the sensibilities and aspirations of each and every one of the young people at this two day event.

On more than one occasion the topic of caring for our parents and honoring their sacrifices through education and personal success came into discussion. Immigration and the need to stand up against discrimination of any kind were also a recurring themes in several panels, as were words of encouragement and motivation for thinking big.

In the digital journalism panel I was a part as a speaker the conversation turned to creating opportunities not only for ourselves, but also for our communities. The fact that so many young people were in the room sharing their individual aspirations with us was so powerful. Equally powerful were the keynote speakers who ranged from Treasurer of the United States, Rosie Rios to actors Wilmer Valderrama and Diane Guerrero, among others.

Their message to all of us in the audience was pretty clear. Be proud of who you are. Follow your passions. Don’t allow anyone else to tell you what you can or cannot achieve. And utilize the power of your vote in this and all elections.

This simple and straightforward answer to a question that started out by saying “I am just an average…” really spoke to me and stayed with me.

Takeaways from Voto Latino's Power Summit

I think it’s absolutely true and it’s a statement we should make every effort to adopt into our daily lexicon, especially when it comes to addressing young people. Ya es hora that we set the expectation to be successful and ambitious in all of our children, especially those of color.

Takeaways from Voto Latino's Power Summit
A huge thank you to our fellow panelists from Univision, Latina Rebels, and Pili Montilla.

To learn more about Voto Latino’s annual Power Summit please Click Here.

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