Beyond words beautiful

It’s 2 a.m. Phoenix, Arizona time, 4 a.m. Houston, Texas time, and we just checked in to our hotel for the night. This is the end of our fourth day of travel and the beginning of our fifth. We’ve already been through New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada driving, and we are now on our return 20 hour drive back home to Texas. 

This was a trip of firsts for us. We had never traveled this far into the east coast by vehicle, and so as you can imagine everything has been a big surprise and thrill along the way. The landscape is more beautiful than we imagined, and for me it’s really provided the canvas I needed to just clear my head and think, about everything and nothing, if that makes any sense. It does to me and I guess that’s all that matters. 

I’ll share more from our adventures in future posts, but for tonight before I finally go to sleep, I just wanted to tell you it’s been fun.

Here I am at the border between Arizona and Nevada at a scenic stop. The mountains are just beyond words beautiful! 

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