Quick & Easy Layered Dessert for any Occasion

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Family traditions are all about celebrating time together. In my family, we always look forward to special occasions like birthdays and holidays because we know those are the days everyone will gather. Usually the planning starts weeks or even months out. We decide where we will celebrate, and then we move on to the very important task of deciding what we will eat.

That’s probably the best part of the holidays for us, to be honest. Each one of my sisters and I have a special dish that we only make on special dates like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and all of my nieces have their favorite dish from each of us.

One of those dishes is my sister’s famous layered dessert, which always finishes as soon as it hits the counter.

Seriously, food is a big deal around here!

It also came to mind immediately as a quick and easy treat I could make with boy for quericavida.com‘s “Tasty Inspired” dessert ideas for Día de los Niños. This would be his first time baking so I wanted the experience to be simple and fun. We found a really great variety of General Mills kids’ cereals to choose from at Walmart, and boy had his heart set on Trix. It was really the right choice for this delicious treat!

Quick & Easy Layered Dessert for any Occasion

The great thing about this dessert is that you can use any layers you choose. We used whipped cream, pudding, a vanilla cake mix, fresh strawberries, and of course, our family size Trix cereal from General Mills. And oh my, did we have a good time making this layered dessert.

Quick & Easy Layered Dessert for any Occasion

He was so excited to make it himself. Even more excited to enjoy this family favorite. And yes, we did talk all about the other memory making dishes and desserts we both enjoy most on special occasions while we were in the kitchen. I think we’ll do some more baking together again soon!

Quick & Easy Layered Dessert for any Occasion

If you’re feeling inspired, stop by quericavida.com and search other fun and easy to make desserts like this one. Just search for Día de los Niños recipe ideas. You can also visit the Día de los Niños Pinterest Board. And most importantly, have a great time making great memories with your familia! 

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