Farmer’s Market Finds

Growing up in Texas, we’ve always been very fortunate about having access to our culture at literally almost every turn. One of our favorite places to visit has to be the local marqueta. Also known as the local Farmer’s Market. Now, we’re not talking about the pop up farmer’s markets that offer mostly organic greens and vegetables. Although those are pretty great too. We’re talking about the open air markets that have been in business for years… long before it was trendy to shop at these places.

The one photographed here in particular, very much still believes in the practice of haggling. In Spanish that is. Yes, the vendors are bilingual. And if they aren’t, many of them have younger helpers who can easily bargain a fair price for anything from pepita seeds to molcajetes. Plus lots of stuff in between. But haggling in Spanish is so much more fun!

These pictures we captured during a quick stop at the Canino Farmer’s Market in Houston. It’s always an adventure when we can stop by this local gem. If you’re ever in the area, this is definitely a must see!

Farmer's Market Finds Farmer's Market Finds Farmer's Market Finds Farmer's Market Finds Farmer's Market Finds

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