Cinco de Mayo

It’s the celebration of Mexico. Only it’s not. There’s a lot of debate these days. Is Cinco de Mayo an actual Mexican holiday? Do Mexicans in Mexico celebrate this date? Is it an American holiday more than a Mexican holiday? The short answer is: Yes, Yes and Yes. Now that that’s out of the way, Cinco de Mayo for us is one more reason to celebrate our culture and heritage.

Sure, it’s not Mexican Independence Day. That day falls on September 16 every year. But it is one more day to think about and appreciate all the wonderful things that make being Mexican so damn cool. Yes, I said damn cool!

How we choose to define and identify with our own culture, after all, is a matter of personal choice.

This one is for all the mexicanos and non-mexicanos celebrating Cinco de Mayo. ¡Y AJUA mi gente! 

Cinco de Mayo

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