5 Classic Blog Posts for Cinco de Mayo

This Cinco de Mayo we have decided to celebrate the occasion with a little bit of a list. This list, as you might imagine, is all about the sometimes devise U.S. holiday known as Cinco de Mayo, which takes place every year on the 5th of May. Now wether you celebrate the […]

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo

It’s the celebration of Mexico. Only it’s not. There’s a lot of debate these days. Is Cinco de Mayo an actual Mexican holiday? Do Mexicans in Mexico celebrate this date? Is it an American holiday more than a Mexican holiday? The short answer is: Yes, Yes and Yes. Now that […]

cinco de mayo not mexican independence day juanofwords

Happy Cinco de Mayo… NOT Mexican Independence Day

So y’all know today is NOT Mexican Independence Day verdad?  Just want to make that absolutely clear as it always seems we do a lot more celebrating for Cinco de Mayo than we do for el actual Día de Independiencia on September 16th.  September also happens to mark the beginning […]

Five Things to Know About Cinco de Mayo

5.  No!  It’s not an international holiday or even a holiday celebrated across Latin America.  Cinco de Mayo, while it has been adopted as a cause for celebration and as good a reason as any to enjoy a couple of margaritas, is actually a Mexican holiday. 4.  In the United […]