Because Everyone Should Bond Over Shipping Tamales!

Because Everyone Should Bond Over Shipping Tamales!

You know.  I’m sitting here in front of my computer.  My brain kind of exhausted and drawing blanks.  I know there are interesting things I should tell you.  Interesting things that I mentally jotted down in my head days ago, weeks ago, and that for some reason I just haven’t […]

My Mamá Is Gangsta: Sending Tamales Via USPS!

I wouldn’t normally say this about my mother, much less in front of her, as she would either: a) be insulted by the use of the word “gangster” to describe her, even if it is in slang form and very loosely used; or b) kind of confused and probably insulted […]

Learning to Cook a Turkey & How to Celebrate Thanksgiving

For the first part of my life we didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving.  At least if we did, no me acuerdo.  Instead we’d go about our business like any other day, save for the fact us kids didn’t have to go to school and most years my father didn’t have to work.  […]

¡No Te Rajes! Don’t Give Up

This is not a sob story.  We were young.  We were poor.  And we were frugal.  We knew how to stretch a dollar.  And how to make a few dollars out of a dozen or so tortillas, tacos or tamales.  A little effort.  A little dose of creativity.  And most […]