Things Never Stay The Same, Or Can They?

things never stay the same or can they los metiches juanofwords

We’re making changes.  Things are changing around us.  It always seems that every couple of years life decides that to make cosas interesantes it’s going to throw a couple of obstacles our way to see what we’re truly made of.  For me, desde chiquillo we grew up moving from place to place never really having a permanent home.  I don’t think Anjelica really understands that because her family never moved around as much as mine did, but I like to tell her we were and have always been vagabundos.  You know, the kind of people that moved around in whatever direction the wind was blowing.

Or in our case, wherever my parents could make a decent living to raise their seven children.

The truth is I’m comfortable with this type of change.  I never had a school that was really “mine.”  Aside from my first school in the Rio Grande Valley McCook Elementary, and even then it was such a long time ago that it is now little more than a romanticized hazy memory in my head.  We didn’t stay anywhere long enough for me to make lifelong friends.  I have acquaintances mostly from those days now.  And very few of them at that.  When I was entering the fifth grade we moved.  When I finished middle school we moved.  When I finished high school we moved, etc., etc., etc.  And so I’ve grown accustomed to living in one place for a couple of years and then moving on.

The other day we were talking about our future and this conversation came up.  We started talking about getting older and where we would be living.  My immediate reaction was “oh, well we will be living somewhere else, who knows where…”  Anjelica on the other hand was completely okay with putting down permanent roots, or at least more permanent roots than my own.  Here’s where the vagabundos reference came in, jajaja!

The truth is I’d never considered establishing that type of permanency on a piece of land anywhere.  It kind of scares me.  Even though I do really like where we live right now.  Who knows what will happen?  But I do like the fact that for the first time in my life this hijo de padres mexicanos can finally think about putting down more permanent roots without worrying so much about where we might be off to next.

A ver que dice la piedra en el camino 🙂

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