Are You Ever Enough As A Latino?

are you ever enough as a latino los metiches juanofwords craftythrifter

You know how in the movie Selena Abraham made that speech about not being American enough and not being Mexican enough …ever!?  Pos this is something like that, only not really.  Growing up neither one of us ever really fit in where we were supposed to.  Maybe that’s why we ended up together.  ¿Cómo dice el dicho?  ¡Para cada roto ay un descosido! 

Hope you like the video!

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4 thoughts on “Are You Ever Enough As A Latino?

  1. OMG I love you guys! Too funny! I did wear the baggy pants and i threw up my hood but that comes with being from cali! I agree tho there is not one type of Mexican. I am always told I am not mexican because I wasn’t born there. Peroooooo don’t get me started with my love for los horoscopos Adan and Jorge Gamboa. I am me My label of choice is AWESOME! lol 🙂

  2. I feel exactly the same. I feel like I’m not “Mexican enough” for other Mexicans and to my white friends, they call me a “fake Mexican” which is insulting either way. Oh well, I am.. what I am!

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