Blog Elevated Conference Review by Crafty Thrifter

Blog Elevated: Conference Report

For those of you who missed out, or didn’t know in time, last weekend Blog Elevated happened!  A conference dedicated to boosting and upgrading your website, Blog Elevated took place right here in my backyard.  There were a lot of new people to meet, as well as lots of old […]

#LATISM12: Work, Work, Friends, a Wardrobe Malfunction & More Work!

I’m kind of sad it’s all over.  Although at the same time I’m pretty excited about finally being able to bring my life back to some kind of normalcy.  For the last couple of weeks, contrary to what I had planned for myself, my life had literally been taken over […]

A Few Words On Gratitude

No hay que ser malagradecidos.  If there was one thing we all learned growing up at my house it was that it was never okay to be ungrateful. Last month, when I went to Chicago it was via invitation and all of the cost of my travel, hotel and conference […]