So, Is Marc Anthony’s ‘Porque Les Mientes’ About JLO?!

So, not to be Metiche or anything, buuuut… is Marc Anthony’s new song about his ex, Jennifer Lopez?!  It sure does sound like it and ¡ay carajo! does it sting! In ‘Porque Les Mientes,’ also featuring Tito El Bambino, Marc Anthony – formerly Mr. Jenny From The Block – uses […]

10 Latinos In Entertainment Using Their Cultura to Work It

The other day I wrote about how seemingly times are a changing for Latinos in the entertainment industry.  At least to me, it seems more opportunities could be on the horizon.  Not only for the artists at the forefront of these changes, but also for the millions of us who […]

Q’Viva The Chosen – Jennifer Lopez Returns to Her Roots

In the previews and the first episode of the brand new Nuyorican co-produced ‘Q’Viva The Chosen’ Jennifer Lopez proclaims “This is like being able to really, really go – I am Latina and this is who we are… isn’t it fabulous, isn’t it amazing, doesn’t it bring tears to your eyes […]