R.I.P. Querida India Maria

R.I.P. Querida India Maria

Better known as the lovable and iconic “India Maria,” Maria Elena Velasco was the woman behind the legend. She single-handedly created an empire around her alter ego who charmingly and hilariously wooed legions of Mexicans over the past five decades. Her career spanned to include 23 films in Mexico (most of […]

¡Ay María Qué Puntería!

I’ve missed her tremendously since her days on classic Mexican films like Tonta, tonta, pero no tanto, ¡Pobre, pero honrada!, Okey, Mister Pancho, and my personal favorite, Ni de aquí, ni de alla.  Her latest stint on telenovela Corazón Indomable has been a true pleasure to watch and reminisce on.   Here’s […]

La India María is Coming Back to Televisión!!

Okey, Mister Pancho!  It’s true.  It’s true.  It really is true!  My beloved María Elena Velasco is bringing her larger than life alter ego – a.k.a. La India María – back to the small screen, in of all things, a refrito of the mega-popular Televisa production Marimar.  Yes, the same […]

Pa Fin De Año: 10 Worthy Quotes From La India Maria

So chisme is I talk too much about cliches and estereotipos about my own culture.  Truth is I probably do.  I do it on purpose.  I do it because nobody else does.  I do it because I want to.  And, most importantly, I do it because I love my culture […]

Las Lecciones Of The Warriors Luchistas Of My Youth

Those Aztec Warriors were before my time.  The Pancho Villas and Emiliano Zapatas también.  Pa que digo que no si sí, as a much more contemporary heroine of my time would say, La India Maria.  And that’s not to discount any of their contributions and sacrifices to and for my […]