A Very Special Plea, From a DREAMer!

I met Jose Luis Zelaya this year.  From that very first moment I knew he had a dream.  It was and still is to be a teacher in this country.  The self-described DREAMer, has quite literally picked himself up out of homelessness in Honduras (at age 13) to earning his […]

‘Illegal’ – A Short Film About Honor Students Going To Jail

Made possible through financing from Houston philanthropist Curry Glassell, Illegal tells the story of undocumented youth who despite earning top honors in their high school classes were jailed for being undocumented.  The short film also includes a series of interviews with activists, policymakers, non-profit leaders, educators and members of the […]

Q & A Jose Luis Zelaya: Student Crocheting for his Education

A young man paying for his higher education by crocheting and selling beanies?!   I had to find out more.  This week when NBC Latino ran their story on Houston’s own Jose Luis Zelaya about how the 24 year old has been crocheting to earn his masters degree at Texas A&M, […]