First Look: The Cantinera – A True Texas Documentary

The Cantinera documentary juanofwords
A clip from the documentary ‘The Cantinera’

There’s a corrido  about “Tacha ‘La Teibolera’” that Lila Downs likes to sing.  It’s one of those truthful and somber songs that makes you kind of sad, but also makes you realize some of the ugly truths about this life.  That bad things and sad situations happen to all of us, regardless of whether we want them to, or not.

From the first line of this trailer, I knew I was hooked… and that very likely when I finally do see this film at its Houston screening on October 22nd, I will probably 1) tear up and try to hide  it from everybody at the theater, and 2) not be able to stop thinking about the subject matter of the film – human trafficking – for a very long time.

I’m a sucker for real life documentaries that make you think.

The Cantinera, filmed here in Houston, tells the story of three women – a cantinera, an advocate and a vigilante – who bravely expose the all too real problem of human trafficking in the United States.  It looks like a very powerful film!

I, for one, am looking forward to the screening.

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4 thoughts on “First Look: The Cantinera – A True Texas Documentary

  1. Hi, this is Ruth the filmmaker. Thank you for passing the information along. I hope you had a chance to see it. If not, we will have a few more Houston screenings coming up.

    Thanks again!

  2. Hi Ruth,
    I am very much interested in obtaining this film. When is this coming out on DVD? or when is the next screening in Houston?

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