The Latin Explosion documentary by Tommy Mottola: Nov 16

“The U.S. is the second-largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. BOOM!” – Ricky Martin “It’s our time.” – Jennifer Lopez “Change your name because Estefan is too difficult to pronounce, and we said ‘NO!’” – Gloria Estefan “We are everywhere. They have to get used to us.” – Sofia Vergara “America has […]

First Look: The Cantinera – A True Texas Documentary

There’s a corrido  about “Tacha ‘La Teibolera’” that Lila Downs likes to sing.  It’s one of those truthful and somber songs that makes you kind of sad, but also makes you realize some of the ugly truths about this life.  That bad things and sad situations happen to all of […]

The Apple Pushers of New York City – Movie Review

You can’t compare apples to oranges, the saying goes.  Well… why not?  In the new documentary The Apple Pushers, which I had the opportunity to screen this week, the argument seems to be that when it comes to America and immigration no two populations are really all that different.  The […]

The Interrupters: Battling For Young Lives – Film Review

At 18, Caprysha Anderson has been in over 15 different homes, she’s single-handedly raised herself and her younger siblings, she’s been in and out of jail, and will readily admit she’s turned to selling drugs to put food on the table for herself and her family.  Caprysha is only one […]

The Harvest / La Cosecha: U.S. Child Migrant Farm Workers

There are some things you just can’t deny, and one’s own personal history is definitely at the top of that list.  A few days ago I received an invitation to review marketing materials for a new documentary that will soon be coming to a theater near you, and like a […]