First Look: The Cantinera – A True Texas Documentary

There’s a corrido  about “Tacha ‘La Teibolera’” that Lila Downs likes to sing.  It’s one of those truthful and somber songs that makes you kind of sad, but also makes you realize some of the ugly truths about this life.  That bad things and sad situations happen to all of […]

Premiering on MTV: The Story of 15 & Homeless, Inocente

This Friday, August 17, 2012, at 10/9C, MTV will air the independent film Inocente.  The film, produced by the same folks behind last year’s La Cosecha, tells the story of a 15-year-old girl, named Inocente – living homeless and undocumented in San Diego with her mother and younger brothers after […]

The Apple Pushers of New York City – Movie Review

You can’t compare apples to oranges, the saying goes.  Well… why not?  In the new documentary The Apple Pushers, which I had the opportunity to screen this week, the argument seems to be that when it comes to America and immigration no two populations are really all that different.  The […]

Dulce Maria and La Doña Carmen Salinas in a Movie

Here’s an unlikely pairing.  Dulce Maria of RBD fame and La Doña Carmen Salinas, famous for being well… La Doña Carmen Salinas, starring in a movie together.  It’s called ¿Alguien a visto a Lupita? and just as the name implies the subject matter of this film is a little confusing. […]

Our First Official Meet Up

¿Qué les puedo decir? Tonight was everything I expected and much, much, more!  To all of you who made it out for the First Official Juan of Words Meet Up, that’s sounds kind of silly in writing, but it’s late y no puedo pensar en algo más ahorita, so perdon… […]

Official Rules: Green Lantern Advance Screening Houston

So here are the Official Rules.  As I said before, me encantaría llevarlos a todos conmigo, pero desafortunadamente there are only a certain number of passes.  So to make it fair for everyone, here’s what you need to do to win: 1. Make sure you’re available on Wednesday, June 15, […]

Green Lantern Advance Screening Houston

You remember those knock off ‘G.I. Joe’ figurines you could get at the grocery store for a quarter?  As a kid, those were my heroes.  My brothers and I would spend hours throwing those little green men around with their little plastic parachutes to see how fast they could fly […]