We’re Starting A Book Club… Just Because!

juanofwords book club
We’re going to read together… right?

So remember how this week I told you I was re-reading the book Caramelo by Sandra Cisneros, with Edgar?

Well, a lot of you had a lot to say about the book, especially about how much you enjoyed reading it the first time around.  So much so, that you wouldn’t mind reading it all over again, with me and Edgar, and whoever else wants to read it with us.

Depending on how much we like this “book club” idea, we may pick more books to read in other future months.  I’m suggesting doing it by month, because well, I’m sorry, but that’s as fast as I can read.

So, this month, we’re reading Caramelo.  By the end of October is when we’re supposed to be finished with the book.

We’ll throw a Twitter Party or something to talk about it.

Do y’all want to start a hashtag or something to tweet each other about our book club?  How about #librosread #yoleo #iread #misreads #weread #eyyoleo?

Let me know.  I’ll go along with likely whatever you all choose.

Oh and a special shout out to @mexicanwoman and @shilohgirl_mop for giving me the animo to do this.

“Let’s read y’all,” in my best after school special sounding voice!

But seriously, yeah.  Let’s do this.

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