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Mexico Travel Stories

It’s a little unusual traveling to a country that feels like home and having to register as a foreign national. That’s the first thought that crossed my mind when I was told I would need to fill out the proper paperwork to be allowed into Mexico for a few days. This would be my first time visiting Mexico City. There would be many other instances on this trip in which the fact that I was not born and raised in this country would become painfully obvious. The word “painfully” is used here on purpose because when people ask where I am from I like to say “I am Mexican.”

A picture is worth a hundred memories

A picture is worth a hundred memories

One of the things about growing up in two cultures is that you always feel as much one as you do the other. Como quien dice, siempre tienes un pie aquí y un pie allá. No matter the time and distance. It’s been a few years since we’ve set foot […]

La Patría for Bicultural Families

La Patría for Bicultural Families

The other day we were all having a conversation.  My family and us.  Somehow we landed on the subject of death and a final resting spot, and before I knew it we were all taking turns describing how we would want to be despedidos de este mundo.  It sounds gory I know, […]

Missing Mexico by Sybil Sanchez

Memories of Mexico: The Memories I One Day Hope to Pass On to My Kids

[imagebrowser id=2] When I was in middle school my parents would send me and my siblings to Mexico for the summer.  My two younger brothers, sister and I would spend our summer vacations with our maternal grandfather in Rioverde, San Luis Potosí.  My grandma frequently traveled between Rioverde and Houston, […]

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¡No Pues Guau! Again With My Little Piece Of Mexico On YouTube

¿Quién lo iba pensar?  All of the sudden with the advent of social media and the internet my little piece of México – Cerritos, San Luis Potosi to be exact – is all over the net and I’m feeling more and more ganoso to reconnect with my roots… at least […]

So Finally Frida Gets The Cover of Vogue… In Mexico

Pues they do say later is better than never.  But this new issue of Vogue Mexico – the one below with that oh so very infamous mexicana on the cover – you could say by some accounts was 60 years in the making.  Boy that’s an awful long time to […]

My Rancho Is On YouTube!

Alright, no!  I’m not just trying to be mean.  My mouth literally dropped this morning when I saw this video pop up on my stream – El Sauz Cerritos SLP on YouTube. What?! When did the rancho get on YouTube?! I mean, I knew they were on Facebook, and that, […]

Mexi-Vocabulario: ¡Enchilar!

Kind of ridiculous, that as much as I love hot sauce and really anything spicy, I’m just now getting around to writing about this Mexi-Vocabulario word: ¡Enchilar!  As in me enchile, te enchilaste, nos enchilamos. Basically, that the spice in something was so hot it burned.  Though you can also use […]