Mexi-Style: It’s Not a Bad Word!

The other day while doing some research I came across the following definition for Mexi-Style: Adjective used to describe the situation where Hispanic day laborers pack a vehicle far beyond it’s normal occupancy capacity on their way to work early in the morning.  Can also be used whenever too many kids want to ride somewhere together, and some have to sit on the floor in the hatchback of the SUV. 

Needless to say, my first reaction was to get very angry.  This was definitely not the definition I had expected to find.  Who in the mundo could have actually thought this was an acceptable way to define this word?  Sure, as mexicanos we’ve always been great about laughing about ourselves, but to have this word defined in such a derogatory way?  At least for me, it’s offensive!  Not to mention the wrong definition.

Mexi style definition
Mexi Style defined.

The usage of the word “mexi-style” I’m familiar with can best be defined as an acronym for the words Mexican style.  As in all things created, used and/or inspired by the Mexican culture.  We use it to describe food, music, clothing, and so many other things in our lives.  Yes, even sometimes to poke fun at ourselves, but always in a lighthearted way.

So… instead of getting mad, I’m just going to continue using mexi-style in the same way I always have.  As a positive way to describe all things Mexican-infused!   I’ve been using the hashtag #mexistyle to accomplish this as of late.

If you want to join me, feel free to tag yourself and your stuff with #mexistyle as well.

Life’s too short to get mad!

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One thought on “Mexi-Style: It’s Not a Bad Word!

  1. Agree. Don’t use it to stereotype and laugh at a people. Let the people use it to celebrate themselves. Thanks, Juan.

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