Essentials for a Mexican Wedding

Remember I told you about our Almost Big Fat Mexican Wedding?  Well, today, I thought it would be fun to share with you some of what that wedding might have looked like… or as you all so kindly pointed out, still could look like for us, one day.  Bodas de Oro and Plata are pretty popular these days… ¿Apoco no?

Mexican Wedding essentials
Ideal Mexican Wedding as pinned originally by Sarah Carroll

Now I should also point out that this particular collection of Mexican wedding eccentricities were all chosen as a group by yours truly.  Anjelica hasn’t even seen them yet.  I don’t think!  Hey, a real wedding is too much work!

And we all know that the bride is the one who picks everything out in a real wedding anyway!  We men would be just as happy with an all-inclusive, one-size-fits-all, all-costs-included wedding package.  It saves everybody time and money.

I think so anyway.

But… ahem, back to the romance in these wedding accents, aren’t all those flowers pretty awesome looking?  What about the Loteria cards on the tables?  I like those.  My personal favorites, though, are the little Mexican bride and groom at the center of the photo collage!  Those I would fight for, LOL!

The cake… yeah, I’m not too crazy about it.

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