All For One or One For All: Drama on Homage to Chespirito

They looked so happy on the set of El Chavo del 8.  All friends up to puro borlote in the vecindario for so many years.  Forty years to be exact.  Who would have ever thought that in their Golden years the cast of El Chavo would be going through such drama?  Well it’s Carlos Villagrán, better known as the lovable cacheton ‘Quico’ who seems to be calling foul on this one.  The 68 year old actor told Mexican media outlets today that he has not been invited to the multinational “América celebra a Chespirito” homage that’s being planned across Latin America and the United States on February 19, and that he wouldn’t be a part of such an event even if he was invited.


Why?  Because the actor says he doesn’t think it’s right to only honor Roberto Gómez Bolaños for the long and successful trajectory of Chespirito.  According to Villagrán, if it wouldn’t have been for his character and the characters of actors Florinda Meza (Doña Florinda, Popis y La Chimoltrufia), Édgar Vivar (El Señor Barriga), and Rubén Aguirre (Profesor Jirafales), among others, the show never would have been as triumphant as it has been.  The three costars for their part are participating in the homage to Bolaños.

On the one hand, I can see Quico’s point.  I mean what would the show have been without his yang to El Chavo’s yin?  But then again, it was Bolaños who was at the forefront creating all these opportunities for Villagrán and the rest of the cast.  Can’t they all just get along?

Come on Quico!  Does it really matter who gets honored?  We all know your hilarious contributions to this timeless television programming.

The “América celebra a Chespirito” special is being produced by Televisa and will later be broadcast across Latin America and the US.

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    1. Who doesn’t love El Chavo? My boy is 9 years old and he loves the show… he’ll fight us for the remote to watch the reruns whenever they are on, LOL!

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