My Dream Mexican House

Dream Mexican House as pinned originally by Kitschy Living

The possibilities of me living in this “Dream Mexican House” are probably next to none.  For one thing, it is impeccably clean and we all know it is impossible to keep a house that clean!  Especially when there are huercos running around everywhere making a big old mess!  Second of all, finding those furnishings in all of those colors would take way much more patience than what I have.  And finally, because when I showed this picture to Anjelica this is exactly what happened:

Me:   Look, isn’t that the coolest thing?!  We should decorate our house like this!

Anjelica:   Are you serious?

She didn’t have the heart to tell me this wasn’t her taste or style of decoration for our home, but I could see it in her eyes.  There was a little bit of terror in them at the idea of living constantly surrounded by walls of bright yellow and furnishings of hot pink tones.  Well, one can dream anyway…

Then again, how might this look in a storage shed out back?

Pero después… ¿Qué no diran los vecinos? 

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15 thoughts on “My Dream Mexican House

  1. I was writing a post when “ping,” my phone alerted me of an email and I had to jump over to check out your dream house. OMG, the tile covered cooking area for prep and hood is happening in my house (like in the novelas)I have little by little purchased tile when we moved here to Edinburg and the star hanging, I have it! the table rocks! Okay (sigh) back to my comida post. Take care

    1. Vianney, jajaja… I love it that that little “ping” brought you over here. That’s so awesome! Wow, I’m jealous that you already have a head start on decorating your house like this. Maybe I should just start sneaking stuff in poquito a poquito. You think she would notice if I started painting the walls yellow? LOL! Thanks for stopping by and save me some of that Texas-style cooking, won’t you? 🙂

    1. I don’t care where it is! I just want to live in this house. My family in Monterrey, coincidentally lives in a sort of similar home… minus the bright yellow on the walls and with less artistic furniture.

  2. we have turn the inside of our apartment like this. Walls are green, aqua, yellow, orange, everything cheerful with lots of art on the walls! It is how we cope with living away from Mexico and Houston.
    The funny thing my mother always had nuestra casa así when I was little and it was so horrifying if anglo kids from school came over, what with all the bubble-gum colors and la Virgencita por todos lados. And now my home is the same if not MORe vivid and i absolutely love it.

    1. And see that’s what I love too… the crazy and loud decorations that make kids cringe. If I could have it my way I’d have the beer bottles in the backyard too along the fence and shiny stuff hanging from the trees. It would be the ultimate Mexican changaro! Would love to see pictures of your place by the way 🙂

    1. I love this because we keep having these conversations! Me the non-Mexican, “let’s put those blue tiles in the kitchen” and he the Mexican looks at me horrified and says “let’s put granite” Crazy!

      1. We’re both very traditional ourselves, but when it comes to decor my taste is much more bold and loud, hers is much more sophisticated… lol! At the end of the day we end up with our own individual spaces that are decorated according to our own tastes 🙂

  3. Hahaha I think it looks wonderful one. I would want a house like that too, but my boyfriend is Asian so something’s gotta give. He would love everything to be black and grey… But somehow I managed to get a red couch 😉 Saludos!

  4. It’s almost as good as my “Cocina Jaiteca” serigraph print I did in 1981. Google “Cocina Jaiteca” for a picture.

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