Hey Levi’s, Real Women Have Curves!

So apparently the folks at Levi’s have never seen the movie Real Women Have Curves starring America Ferrera, Lupe Ontiveros and Ingrid Oliu.  Why?  Because had they watched this comedic drama of a runaway hit, they might have avoided themselves a little, or a lot of the hot water their currently in for putting out their most recent “Hotness comes in all shapes and sizes” ad for their Curve ID line of jeans.

Levi's latest Curve ID jeans ad. Are those really three different sizes?

At first glance the message seems harmless and positive enough… but take a closer look.  I bet you were wondering the same thing most people have been – what three different shapes of women are they talking about?!  Save for the extra “junk in the trunk” on the last two models, they all seem to be about the same size.  Nombre, pues como diría mi abuela… ¡tiene más carne este hueso!

Certainly on the runways these three different sizes might be drastically different, but in the real world (or at least in the states) the average woman‘s jean size is a 14.  Come on Levi’s, you can do better!

Here’s some motivation for you all to get started!

2 thoughts on “Hey Levi’s, Real Women Have Curves!

  1. Juan, while I think this ad campaign missed the point,embracing being overweight and obesity is perhaps a bigger error. You say the average woman in the US is a size 14, and that for the average woman, 5’4″ is an unhealthy size. It shouldn’t be about curves or looking like a stick figure, but about health. If we keep condoning the eating of junk food we are setting ourselves and our communities to a life riddled with health issues, which are not only physically and emotionally devastating but also financially crippling. Women and men should embrace their body type and size, but not make their bodies a garbage disposal. If you want to think about marketing campaigns that truly hurt a community, think about the money spent by large food companies advertising to children, and latinos, as well as lobbying politicians so that we are hooked for life on their empty calories, high-fat, excesive portions and ingredients we can’t pronounce…then be forced to take all kinds of expensive drugs to treat our ailments. And by the way, healthy doesn’t have to mean not tasty. I’ll take rice and beans any day before any kind of fried, fast food. Don’t you?

    1. Anonymous, I can certainly see where you are coming from here and I appreciate you sharing your insight on this matter here. Thanks for the comment, and like you, I would much prefer rice and beans with a little splash of hot sauce (okay, a lot) on it to anything fast food 🙂

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