Day One in Detroit – Photos, Photos, Photos!

¡Ya llegue!  Here we go folks, first day in Detroit and already I’m exhausted.  Well, not really… more like utterly impressed with all of the royal treatment we’ve been getting here since we first arrived.  Courtesy of the Ford Motor Company, of course.  They wined and dined us at the beautiful Henry Ford Museum and allowed us special access to portions of their brand new exhibits that won’t be open to the general public until the end of this month.  It’s such an honor to be one of the over 140 bloggers and members of the media from across the globe who were invited to the North American International Auto Show by Ford this week.

Tomorrow our day kicks off at 5:00 a.m., but I wanted to share a little of what we’ve seen so far before going to bed with all of you.  ¡Espero les gusten las foticos! 

Riding in the town car from Detroit International Airport to The Henry Hotel. Primera vez for everything I guess, jajaja!
Ford's World Headquarters. I can see it from my hotel room.
The Henry Hotel is gorgeous! Beautiful artwork throughout.
Check out the color in these pieces.
First thing I did was jump in the bed when I got in the room. Estaba bien fastidiado del viaje.
Here we are getting ready for dinner at The Henry Ford Museum.
This was one of the most impressive displays at the museum. The actual vehicle John F. Kennedy was assassinated in... kind of morbid, I know!
The vintage billboards were bien chingones!
Beautiful classics were everywhere.
My favorites have always been the originals.
La verdad, quede bien impresionado. So many cool cars!
And dinner and drinks were very good. Open bar, my kind of pachanga!
When we got back, this stylus pen and special access card for tomorrow's auto show were awaiting us in the rooms. How very nice!

More pictures coming tomorrow.  You can also learn more about the North American International Auto Show at  Tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. EST Ford will be unveiling their brand new Ford Fusion in a live international press conference.  Tune in to watch at

3 thoughts on “Day One in Detroit – Photos, Photos, Photos!

  1. “I wanted to share a little of what we’ve seen so far before going to bed with all of you.”

    Jajajajajajajajaja… Unfortunate wording, hermano! You want to share the photos with all of us, not go to bed with us, right? jiji 😉 Hilarious. This is what happens when you blog while tired and excited about your trip.

    Hope you have fun!… The hotel’s floor is nice and shiny. I like shiny floors since years ago Carlos and I used to buff the floor of a church once a month LOL. It was actually kind of fun to see how shiny we could make it.

    Buen viaje!

    1. Ay Dios Mio! I was very tired when posting this last night… jajaja, so that’s my story, but y’all have made me crack up so hard with this that I won’t correct the error now, lol! Me van a meter en problemas 🙂

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