Mi Posada: ¡Un Deseo Navideño!

My Posada: A Christmas Wish

Las Posadas

And the list of my requests is really quite simple.  It doesn’t involve a lot of fancy name brands, electronics, gadgets, mobile goodies, or anything else material for that matter.  Although, don’t get me wrong, any and all of those things would be very nice to receive (hint, hint) – especially since I’ve been eyeing several of the latest and greatest new gadgets and gizmo’s for us adults to play with.

But after starting and ending this year in the same exact way – a 13 hour drive to, and a 13 hour drive back, from Mexico, for two different funerals in my familia, I can’t help but to sit down and think about the things that really matter in life.  They’re not the material things.  Nope.  Not even if they are nice and shiny and can make us feel happy for a short while…even a long while sometimes.  They’re not a fancy job and a respectable social economic status, though blinding those things can be.  Not even the many moments of  crazy passion and torrid love affairs  matter when we are at the end of our road facing the recollections of those who cared about us in life.

So what is the point?  Is there one?   And what do I wish for then?

Only for peace in my mind, love in my heart,  and the same exact thing for those around me who I care about…hell, even the ones I don’t care that much for.  Because life is way too damn short to waste even an instant taking it for granted. 

¡La vida no es fácil y se pasa volando, aunque uno no quiera!

Sí.  Ahora lo empiezo a entender…

4 thoughts on “Mi Posada: ¡Un Deseo Navideño!

  1. I didn’t realize you had gone down for a funeral. Mis condolencias a ti y tu familia, Juan.

    Thank you for this post. It’s a good wish. “Peace in my mind, love in my heart” – I should have that tattooed somewhere so I’ll remember it as a personal mantra.

    1. Nikkeya and Tracy,
      Thanks for stopping by…yes, the death of someone near to our heart is always a sad occasion, and when it’s more than one person in one year it really makes you think. Sort of a wake up call I think – “hey what are you doing with your life, and should this be what you are doing with it!?” kind of deal.

      Hope you have a happy holiday season with all of yours!

  2. Well said, Juan. It’s too easy to take things for granted in this life. Sometimes we need the wake-up call to get our heads straight again.

    Merry Christmas, brother. My best to you and yours this season.

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