Spanglish: Ya No Sólo For The Chicanos

A little bith of English and Spanish 2gether.

Last night Latinos in Social Media, the largest organization of social media professionals of Hispanic origin – it’s a mouthful I know, but the hashtag on Twitter is much shorter, #latism – hosted one of the most interesting conversations about Spanglish and the Spanish language that I’d ever taken part in.  Latinos from across the nation chimed in and shared their own, very diverse, personal experiences with both languages, yes I’m categorizing Spanglish as a language, through the weekly, Thursday #latism fiesta on Twitter (8 p.m. CST if you’re interested).

The discussion was so much fun that I wanted to share a few of the most outstanding and entertaining comments:

@nuevavoz: “Portuguese movies drive me crazy-so close but not quite.  Feel like I should understand but not quite.”

@ElianneRamos: “advantage of being multicultural = successful & contributing member in global society”

@mayaescobar: “When I was a little girl used 2 call my papi ‘tati’, when I got older I learned ‘tati’ is ‘papi’ in Yiddish

@raysadad: “That’s not Spanglish – watchen? how ugly. We’re talking about the creative communication in two languages”

@Lalizlatina: “This has been my first job where I use Spanish and I can’t tell you how amazing it has been!!”

@altamarina: “advantage of being bilingual: you can read Marquez and Allende directly, not a watered down translation”

@JoeRayCr8iv: “How about parrots/pericos/cotoros – bilingual? As a kid had one that said CABRON! then ‘here kitty kitty!’ Anyone else?

@Laurita86: RT @JuanofWords: “Healthy for Latin Soul! (Chicken Soup for Latin Soul)” RT @ccorrada: “nothing like a good argument in Spanish!”

@djolder: “itstrueweCubansspeakfastashell”

3 thoughts on “Spanglish: Ya No Sólo For The Chicanos

  1. You’re right, this was one of the best and Chingon discussions. Good follow up to it. You had some very good comments as well. We use Spanglish because we can, the same reason we interchange sentences in both languages. It’s our own global citizen Secret code. Vamos!

  2. Qué pena – looks like I missed a good discussion last night. I wish #latism parties were during the day. Evenings I’m not on here as much. Thanks for sharing some of it!

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