Papel Picado, Envases, Hierbabuena Y Más

De viejo I want the whole nine yards – ¡completito! Papel picado in the front yard, in shades, all deep, of red, blue, green, purple, yellow, and orange, fine tissue, maybe even plastic, lining a patio or porch meant for nothing more than rest and relaxation, y hasta quizas the occasional carnitas.

Papelitos for the heart.

Out back on every idle limb, both natural and manmade, a token of decoration, al estilo mexicano.  Longnecks of beer and soda, the occasional Topo Chico, turned upside down, mounted on iron rods and vacant branches, sequenced in order of color and size, one after the next until every bit of space has been utilized, put to work – pa no desaprovechar.

CDs, knickknacks and other shiny things hanging from the trees, nothing but a single strand of string or wire holding them in place, sparkling and twirling at every breathe of wind.  Just for décor, nothing more.  The obligatory gallo de a mentiritas sitting in the yard, proud and strong!

Plantas: sávila, magueys, nopales, chiles, hierbabuena, cilantro, romero, naranjas, and much more.

My little slice of heaven – un pedacito de mi corazón.

3 thoughts on “Papel Picado, Envases, Hierbabuena Y Más

  1. I’d love to come to a party at your house. Sorry I dont get her more often. so busy commenting that I get pulled off sides – your place is like a safe haven. Real and cozy

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