5 places to visit on the Texas-California drive

5 places to visit on the Texas-California drive

Our drive to California was a long one. In total we probably spent about 50 hours in the car between Thursday of last week and yesterday. We finally made it home to Houston at about 4:00 a.m. Tuesday morning. You can imagine how happy we were to crash into bed […]

Welcome to TE-XAS!

The thing I know about being Tejano is that we Texans like doing things a certain way. We can spot each other from a mile away, and when we happen to come across one another outside of the Lone Star State it’s always a big reason to celebrate. Like “hey, […]

Houston’s Rail & Ride Scapade

Earlier this month the Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority, better known as METRO Houston, or better yet, as our city’s primary mode of public transportation, held their first Rail & Ride (Scapade) in Downtown Houston. We were invited to attend and got to learn a lot more about our city’s growing […]

Beyond words beautiful

It’s 2 a.m. Phoenix, Arizona time, 4 a.m. Houston, Texas time, and we just checked in to our hotel for the night. This is the end of our fourth day of travel and the beginning of our fifth. We’ve already been through New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada driving, and we […]

A question about Mexican accents?

I don’t think I’ve mentioned before how obsessed I am with NPR’s podcast Latino USA. It’s produced by The Futuro Media Group, which counts on the leadership of executive producer and award-wining news anchor, Maria Hinojosa. Seriously, I am super obsessed! On the way home from Miami I must have […]

Galveston, Texas: Day Trip

So what do you do after a weeklong trip, more than 40 hours worth of road tripping behind you, and one more week worth of jam packed activities from Monday to Friday? Well,if you’re anything like us, you head for the shore… one more time! Only this time we were […]

10 Gueys to Know You’re in Texas!

We’ve said it more than once and we’re not afraid to repeat it. There’s something special about living in Texas. Sure, we catch a lot of flack for say our politicians, our laws… We could go on, but hey, that’s not the point! Instead, why not celebrate a few of […]