Texas Pride: Lizzie Velasquez

I’m sharing this video today because last week someone else shared it on my Facebook stream, and ever since then I have been tremendously inspired by this young woman.  Not only has Lizzie Velasquez managed to rise above the ignorance that at at one point in her life labeled her the “ugliest woman alive,” but she has done it with such sincerity and honesty that has already garnered her more than 81,000 YouTube subscribers.

Her videos are addicting, and I’m especially proud of the fact that she is a Mexican-American from the great state of Texas.  The fact that she credits her parents with making her such a strong woman, well, that’s just another testament to her humildad.  Lizzie is such a huge Texas pride.  I’m so happy she’s getting all the attention that’s coming her way!

This video here, from the TEDx Austin Women series, is the one that started it all for Lizzie.  Do yourself a favor and watch it now.  It will inspire and move you.  I promise.

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