Green Lantern Advance Screening Houston

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You remember those knock off ‘G.I. Joe’ figurines you could get at the grocery store for a quarter?  As a kid, those were my heroes.  My brothers and I would spend hours throwing those little green men around with their little plastic parachutes to see how fast they could fly into our make-believe battles and combats.  We’d hold them by the tip of their parachutes, lift our arms up as high as we could, and simultaneously drop them to see whose would make it down to the ground first.  Whosever did got dibs on choosing one of our toy cars first, for their transportation.

We were pretty simple boys.

Edgar, on the other hand, looked at the package of knock-off military figurines I bought him and asked what is that? Even after I explained it to him, how much fun my brothers and I had with them, he seemed a little confused.  Still, he took the toys and played with them, for all of one day, before he was no longer amused.  He’s much more of a comic book hero kid, he says.

He really is.

We can’t walk into any store without him finding the nearest comic-book-action-figure toy and pleading with us to buy it for him, his bedroom is plastered with posters of them all over the wall, he likes playing with them in the bathtub (he’d kill me if he knew I shared that with you… so shhhh), he can’t watch a commercial for any new comic book hero movie without saying I want to watch that, and when we pick up a happy meal for him, he doesn’t care about the food inside, all he wants to know is what super hero it comes with.  In the middle of his movie he’ll come running out of his room all excited to tell us what’s going on: it was awesome… this guy was trying to catch (insert action hero name here) and then he just turned around and knocked him across the room! We smile and say okay, Edgar… finish watching the rest of your movie.

He’s not the only one, which is why I was so excited to get the chance to offer passes to the Houston advance screening of the “Green Lantern next week!  It will be the first local screening of the movie based on the DC Comic’s fearless intergalactic guardian, which opens nationwide next Friday.

I know a lot of you are fans and are looking forward to the movie, so give me an idea of how you think would be the best way to give away these tickets.  Por mi, yo los invitaría a todos, pero I don’t think they’d have enough room for all us at the AMC Studio 30… LOL!  I’ll do another post very, very soon (like probably later tonight) to let you know how we’ll be selecting the ticket winners, but I do want your input to make this as fair as possible, so please leave your comments below!

It’s going to be fun!

18 thoughts on “Green Lantern Advance Screening Houston

  1. I never got into comic books – what does the Green Latern do? … I only know The Green Hornet/Bruce Lee, because I was into martial arts.

    How cool that you get to do a giveaway. I used to like making them into fun contests but it’s so hard to keep it fair when you get to actually select the winner. Long ago I would have the kids blindly reach into a hat and pull the name out – or let my family vote on the best entry… Now I use to pick it electronically.

    Have fun!

  2. Since my husband was a little boy, he’s collected most of The Green Lantern comic books and been waiting for a movie to be made. He’s been so pumped up about this movie since it was announced. This would be such a great Father’s Day gift ever for him. He’s been working so hard and so deserves these tickets!! =)

  3. Make them guess facts about the characters such as who was ryan reynolds married to recently? Hummmm. Things like that so they gotta work for it! I am so good I deserve tickets. Lol

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