Cantinflear, after the late, great Cantinflas

Cantinflear. Cantinfleando. Definition: 1. To speak in a silly and nonsensical manner, without meaning (after Cantinflas). (Colloquial) (n) 2. To babble. (n) To act like Cantinflas (Mex. comedic actor). In honor of the late, great Mario Moreno Cantinflas – who on this date in 1993 passed away – here a […]

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And The New Cantinflas…. Will be a Spaniard!

Well at least one person very close to the original Mexican legend himself, Mr. Mario Alfonso Moreno Reyes (a.k.a. Cantinflas), has already expressed their dissatisfaction with this selection.  We’re talking about none other than Cantinflas’ own son, Mario Moreno Ivano who told members of the press recently that he would […]