And The New Cantinflas…. Will be a Spaniard!

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Well at least one person very close to the original Mexican legend himself, Mr. Mario Alfonso Moreno Reyes (a.k.a. Cantinflas), has already expressed their dissatisfaction with this selection.  We’re talking about none other than Cantinflas’ own son, Mario Moreno Ivano who told members of the press recently that he would have preferred the role of his father be interpreted by a Mexican actor in the forthcoming biopic about his life.

Oscar Jaenada, the Spanish actor in question, for his part, defended his selection by saying that he is a resident of the world:

“I am Spanish because it says so in the passport, but I am a citizen of the world, an admirer of Mario Moreno.  The resistance that people have will help me, they will be more impressed with the end result.  I hope I can play Cantinflas properly and pay tribute to the great man.”

Fair enough… but what do you think?  Should a Mexican actor play Cantinflas, or does it really not matter so long as they do a good job?

Also starring in the biopic film will be Mexican actresses Barabara Mori who will play Elizabeth Taylor and Ximena Gonzalez-Rubio who will play La Doña Maria Felix.  Directed by Mexican Sebastian del Almo, the film is set to begin production at the end of this month.

¿Cómo la ven?  ¡Se pone peluda la cosa! 

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