Tamale Festival Houston

Yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds. Anjelica and I spent the better part of our Saturday this weekend walking around Houston’s very own Tamale Festival Houston, which as you might imagine specializes in one very tasty and traditional Latino dish: tamales! They had spicy tamales, pork tamales, chicken tamales, […]

Conversation with Ryan Velasquez, (Writer/Director, ‘Drowning’)

The journey to filmmaking for Ryan Velasquez was somewhat unconventional. The San Francisco Bay Area native first discovered his interest in film when he was in high school, but it wasn’t until he entered business school as and adult that he truly uncovered his desire to tell stories through this medium. In […]

MEX I AM, the festival

MEX I AM, the festival

At a time when we as mexicanos seem to be at a crossroads in American society, San Francisco’s second annual MEX I AM festival offers a refreshing positive spin on all things Mexican. The point of this unique event, in fact, according to organizers, is to “showcase the many positive sides of […]

The Sound Was Brown At Pachanga Fest in Texas!

FROM JUAN: Friends, today I’m welcoming another amiga to the Juan of Words familia.  I know you will embrace Byrdie Franco as a contributing writer and a fresh new voice on Juan of Words.  This past weekend Byrdie attended Pachanga Fest in Austin for us (I know what a sacrifice, jaja!) and […]